Guided Tours

Your tour guide will take you on an adventure through the farm.


Pre-Picked Punnets

Pre-picked punnets ready to go. 


School Excursions

A guided educational tour suited to school groups and customised to your needs


Ice Cream & Sorbet

Ice-cream and Sorbet made with Strawberries from the farm.


Pick Your Own

DID YOU KNOW? Bidgee strawberries don't need to be washed before you eat them!


Chocolate Coated Strawberries

A perfect treat or gift

Meet the Farmer - Educational Picking Tours

By appointment only

Your tour guide will take you on an adventure through the farm and provide an introduction to hydroponic farming and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques. Included in the tour is a visit to the scar tree, to pat and feed the sheep, check out the bee hives, taste testing the 3 varieties of the chemical free strawberries as well as our homemade strawberry sorbet and ice cream, the opportunity to pick your own punnet of strawberries and to top it off a chocolate basket filled with strawberries and ice cream. Time required 1.5 - 2 hours.

Cost $50/person (minimum of 4 people, maximum of 8).

Please email, message or call to make a booking.

Excursions & Groups

Available Monday to Friday - Bookings essential 


Option A - $13/person (including GST)
Option B - $18/person (including GST)
(Minimum cost $235/group)


Option A includes - guided educational tour and a choice of one of the following:
(i) the opportunity to pick a small punnet of strawberries or
(ii) small ice cream or
(iii) small sorbet


Option B includes - guided educational tour, the opportunity to pick a small punnet of strawberries and a choice of one of the following:
(i) small ice cream or 
(ii) small sorbet


As well as a guided educational tour of the strawberries, there are bee hives to see, sheep to visit, a scar tree to look inside of and a massive red gum tree that the children can see how many it takes to fit around the whole tree.

We recommend you allow between one and two hours for the experience at the farm and if you choose to come during lunchtime the children are welcome to bring their own lunch for a picnic; we put up a shade structure with a mat on the ground for the children to sit on. We have an undercover area with tables and chairs available as well. We don’t charge the teachers accompanying the students for the tour (the option to purchase items is available).

Please email, message or call to make a booking 🍓

Pick Your Own Berries


1. Sign in with the QR code

2. Pick up your sanitised scissors and punnets.

3. Tap to pay (preferred)

4. Wait to be directed to your own designated row. Please make sure you and your children remain in that row only.

5. Enjoy hunting and colleting your strawberries. Remember to fill to the top of the punnet (overfilling will damage the strawberries below).

6. Return scissor via the bucket of sanitiser. Have you strawberries weighed, wrapped and pay for any additional strawberries.

7. Relax and enjoy a treat in the café while the kids play.

8. Enjoy the rest of your day consuming your delicious chemical free strawberries.


​Entry fee $3/person (all ages) or $8/family (2 adults and 1-4 children school age or below)

Then select and purchase the size and number of punnets you'd like and head out to fill them with chemical free strawberries. Small punnet $5 each, large punnet $20 each

DID YOU KNOW? Bidgee strawberries don't need to be washed before you eat them! Talk to one of our friendly staff members to find out more or book an educational guided tour here.

Online Orders :

Pies and ice cream


Ice cream:

- small cup $5.00

- tub $16.50


- small cup $5.00

- tub $16.50

Chocolate coated strawberries:

- single $2.20

- stick (5-7 strawberries) $8.50



We are still committed to delivering biodegradable packaging to as many products as possible. Our ice cream cups, lids and spoons are all compostable and we encourage you to use our compost bin after consuming your delights at the farm. Let's work together.

Fresh Pre-Picked Strawberries

$ 5.50 per small punnet (approx. 235 - 265g)
$ 16.00 per large punnet (approx. 790 - 900g)

(NOTE: weight variations occur throughout the season and will depend on the size and density of the fruit.)


Frozen Pre-Picked Strawberries



Seconds depending on quality




$20/Litre (including GST)


Discounts: available for regular weekly Commercial Orders. Contact us for further information.